When you think of sunflowers you automatically start to think of summer because this flower has become the icon for the summer season. The sun flowers are annuals because they bloom once a year, their flowers look a little like daisies and are very tall. They also have tuberous roots and large leaves. Because people want to plan them in their garden biologists have made some modifications just to make it easier for you to keep them in a container.


It is very easy to grow a sun flower because it does not need a special soil, it just needs a dry soil, and you it is very resistant to dry heat. The flowers, aside from being very beautiful, attract a lot of insects such as bees and birds.

Now we are going to talk about how to plant sunflowers:

• the place where you plant your sun flowers must be dry and has sun beating the entire day

• To make sure that your sunflowers will grow healthy first place the seeds in a pot and place it somewhere away from the wind.

• If you do not want to use a pot you can plant the seeds directly into the soil just make sure that the temperature of the soil is about 60 degrees F.

• The seeds need to be planted about 1 inch under the soil and 4 to 6 inches apart. After the spring has passed you can start to loosen the soil.

• Add some fertilizer when you plant the seeds this will make the plants roots grow strong which will make the flower resistant to the string wind.

• To enjoy the blooming period a little bit longer experiment and plant seeds 5 to 6 weeks apart.

• The sunflowers need a lot of room which is why you should make rows that are about 30 inches apart for normal flowers and for smaller ones closer.

• When the plant reaches 6 inches thin the flower to two feet and no more

• If you see birds going to the seeds of your plants throw a net over them until the seeds start to germinate.• You should water the plant heavily but seldom.

• If you are planting tall sunflowers you will need to help them with some supports in order to prevent them from breaking.

• If you want to use the seeds you should place some barriers

This is the symbol of summer, the sunflower, a plant that will enchant your summer days and give you a beautiful view.

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