Purple Coneflower

A very popular flower among flower lovers is the Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) because they are very beautiful and they attract butterflies. Here we are going to give some details about the plant, cultivation conditions, where you can see it the most and what insects does it attract.

Description: the height of the perennial flower (Echinacea purpurea) is no more than 3 ½ ‘ and it has purple flowers with white hairs, a very beautiful view. The leaves of the flower are dark green with white hairs and they have teeth on the margins. The flower of the plant resembles that of a daisy and they can release a delicate smell if they stay a long time in the strong sun. It blooms in the middle of the summer and the flowers last about a month.

Cultivation conditions: the perennial flower needs the sun, it must be cultivated in an area where it can take advantage of the sun the entire day if not at least partially. The soil needs to be moist or at least with some clay or gravel. You do not need to worry about any disease that the plant may suffer from because the plant is very resistant. The only thing that it can happen to it is wilt if the soil is too dirty and in the sun for too long.  If you follow the simple instructions that go with the plant you will have no trouble in cultivating it.

We can find this flower very often in the USA especially in Illinois. The perennial flower can be found in people´ s gardens of in the buildings of companies. It does not have a very common purpose except for restoring prairies in some areas. Other than that you will find them in people´s gardens.

The insects that the Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) seems to attract are: bees, butterflies, bee flies, honeybees and skippers. All these insects come to visit the flower to eat or to give birth to new insects. It is a very beautiful and useful flower. Many people like this flower because it attracts a lot of butterflies and what can be more beautiful that seeing a lot of butterflies in your garden. You can find the seeds at the market where they sell flower seeds or at your neighbors.  Fill your garden with this purple wonder and you will enjoy it almost all summer.

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