Lily of the Valley

Because the lily of the valley is grown for the scented flowers it became a very popular garden plant. Lily of the valley is distributed in North American and Northern Asia, they are native from Europe, and this flower is a wild one in local areas of England.


The Lily of the Valley is symbolizing the return of happiness in the Language of flowers, in the Victorian classic. Being harvested on the wonderful coastline of Santa Barbara, California, it is named after its natural habitat. Even that this flower lasts less than a week, the lily of the valley breeds dozens of blossoms. Its flowers are bell-shaped ant they infuse air with fragrance during all the day. Near the table or the bathroom counter is the perfect place for the lily of the valley.

Quick Care for your flowers

If you ordered your flowers and they came in a box you should open the box as fast as you can and put the flowers in a cool place. The best temperatures for lily of the valley are between 50 and 60 degrees F. Because of the transit to your house and the lack of water the lily of the valley of yours may be wilted around the petals but you don’t have to worry.


Firstly you will have to put some fresh water that has the temperature room in a clean pot. In that vase you will have to add the cut-flower food that is included in the package. The included cut-flower food is in the all packages of various exotic flowers that are shipped from Beautiful Orchids. By removing the foliage that is going to be under the water level that is in your pot you will help increasing the life expectancy of your flowers and discourage the bacteria growth.


You will have to get a pot that is big enough to wet the stems thoroughly and also keeping you dry, in this pot put some water. Using a pruner, a sharp knife or scissors to cut the stem ends at a 45 angle and after that sink the stem ends in the water. The flower sterns should be cut depending on the weight and length of the pot that you have chosen to put the lily of the valley in if you want to vary the length of the flower stems. If you will choose to cut the flowers’ stems at a 45 angle you will see that this choice is a good one and will let the stems a lot of place to absorb water and they also will not sit flat on the bottom of the vase.

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