The best flowers that you can plant in your garden are the lilies which you can get from any store in whatever color you want. Lilies have bulbs which is why they belong to the Genus Lilium. The bulbs actually are made out of modified leaves which you may know them as scales. All these scales are connected to the flattest part of the bulb, the same place where the roots are attached. The great thing about this flower is the fact that the bulb can sometimes have contractile roots which means that the root has the ability to pull the bulb down at optimum depth. The main colors of the lily bulbs are white and yellow but you can find them in other colors too.

As we have told you earlier the lily bulbs have roots which can contract and pull the bulb down. The reason why this is very important is because once the root can contract it will pull the lily bulb to the depth in the soil where it can survive. We can observe the same mechanism at bulls, when the fall on the ground they will set their roots and pull themselves into the ground where they can develop.

Lilies have leaves that come in different shapes and sizes. However, most of them are long, pointy and go around the stem like a spiral. Depending on where it was cultivated you can see different types of leaves. For example, if you see a lily in Asia the leaves will be narrow and numerous but if you go in the Orient the leaves will be smaller in number and broader.  The color of the lilies is also not standard, according to the place where it was cultivated it can have different colors.

Aside from all of these the star of the show is of course the lily flower which is very beautiful and comes in a wide range of colors. Most flowers have spots in the interior of the flower. The colors in which you can find lilies are: pink, yellow, orange, red and cream. You can also find them in purple, green or peach but these are exceptions. The most common colors are the ones which we mentioned earlier.  You can find them at any florist because they are very popular. They do not last for long periods of time in a vase but they are a pretty to look at even if it’s just for a few days.

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