The meaning of the iris flower is rainbow and at Greeks, Iris was a goddess, a messenger of love. This beautiful flower has many mixtures of colors like blue with purple, white with yellow, pink with orange, brown with red, or even black.

The iris flower is native from North temperate regions of the world and has more than 200 species. The most common grown species are the Bearded iris and the Siberian iris.


This beautiful flower is part of the kingdom plantae, division Magnoliophyta, class Liliopsida, order Asparagales, family Iridaceae, and genus Iris.

Because Iris is the messenger of love in Greeks myths the iris flower has many meanings, depending on its color. For example the blue iris symbolizes faith and hope, the purple iris wisdom and compliments and so on.

This type of flower has many shapes, forms, colors, sizes and is the one of the most loved flowers from all of the other garden plants. Its petals are arranged in this form: three petals that are called the standards and three outer petals called the falls.

There are two types of irises: rhizome irises and bulbous irises.

Rhizomes irises grow horizontally, underground or partially underground and are some thickened stems. There are three types of rhizomes irises: bearded, beardless and crested irises.

Bulbous irises instead, are growing from bulbs and they often need some period of dormancy after they bloomed. Usually this type of iris flower grows smaller than a rhizome iris.

When you want to grow an iris flower first you have to fertilize the soil and prepare it. The ideal places to grow an iris flower are the wooded areas with good drainage and a partial shade. The most easily method to grow irises is from their roots. Leave some space between the rhizomes like 8 or 18 inches as you like. The planting hole got to have 10 inches and in it you will have to put one spoon of fertilizer.

To have the most beautiful blue iris you have to put every spring a very thin layer of some compost at the base of each plant leaving the rhizome exposed. When the flower is fading cut it to the base, or when you want to encourage a second bloom remove all the faded flowers and water their soil all summer long. When autumn comes, take away all the dead foliage and put on the ground healthy leaves to nourish the soil. When the soil is freezing put some mulch on it to prevent roots from getting out of the ground.

Every 4 to 5 years divide bearded irises and the best period to do is in the late summer.

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