Being one of the most popular exotic flowers the Gardenias are very fragrant flowers, white and waxy.

Australia, Africa, Oceania and southern Asia are the native places where the gardenia flowers came from. Because the gardenias need high humidity to bloom and indirect bright light they are a hard to grow species of exotic plants. Besides the difficulties of its growing some gardenia flower species can be cultivated as houseplants.


Secret love is indicated by the gardenia flowers and they also symbolize the purity and the sweetness, and the joy is conveyed by them too. The one that receives gardenias also receives a message and that message is “you are lovely”.


Some interesting facts about gardenias

  • Making great cut flowers the gardenias are cultivated for their wonderful foliage.
  • A physician from Charleston of South Carolina, Alexander Garden, inspired the name of the genus Gardenia.
  • The gardenia flowers can be used as borders, screens, ground covers or hedges.
  • In France the men wear the gardenia flowers as boutonnieres and the gardenias are the traditional flowers.
  • The Cape jasmine that is native from China is the most popular cultivated species of gardenia flowers.
  • A woody fruit that has hard, angular seeds inside is produced by the Gardenia thunbergia.


About Gardenia flower and plant

Being a solitary or in small clusters, white or pale yellow, the gardenia flowers are really fragrant creamy white flowers that have glossy, dark green leaves.

Growing up to 1-15 m tall the gardenia plants are evergreen shrubs and little trees. The leaves of the gardenia plants are in whorls of three or four or opposite. The leaves are entire, simple, with wavy margin and hairless.


Growing Gardenias

  • To grow gardenia flowers you will have to offer them high humidity.
  • Recommended for cultivating gardenias is a well-drained organic soil.
  • If you want to obtain best results cultivating gardenias plant them in partial shade, full sun or shifting shade.
  • For planting the plants dig a hole that is twice bigger than the root ball.
  • Make a mix of planting mix and soil.
  • If there are some air pockets you will have to remove them.
  • The plant must be fed with water with a root simulator.


Gardenia care

  1. The gardenia flowers shouldn’t be over watered.
  2. The fertilization must be made with an acid fertilizer.
  3. A common aliment for gardenia flowers is the bud drop.

If you want to find out more you can read books on gardening online.

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