You can call the freesia flower the most fragrant flower. Freesia Alba was received very well in the 1878 when she was cultivated for the first time.

There are 14 different species of freesias and their origin is African. Freesia flower has a very strong scent and you will see with their common colors white or yellow. It’s a favorite among all the springtime flowers.

The freesia flower is part of the kingdom plantae, division Magnoliophyta, class liliopsida, order Asparagales, family Iridaceae and genus Freesia.

Freesia flower is grown from a solid bulb like the Gladiolus and is native from South Africa. Its leaves are sword shaped of a light green color and can grow up to 1 feet high.


The name of this beautiful flower was given by the Dr. Freese native form Germany. Freesia has a big variety of colors (white, yellow, orange, red, pink, mauve, lavender and purple) and also you can find bicolor versions. Its scent is also used in cosmetics like perfumes, scented oils and baths. Bouquets with freesia are given at special occasions. Their meaning is of innocence.

Freesia’s flower fragrance oil doesn’t contain alcohol, is uncut, undiluted, lasts for a very long time and is the most high quality essence oil. This great scented oil is used most of the times in aromatherapy – candles, potpourris, soaps, oils for massages, bath oils and perfume body oils.

Plant your freesia flowers close to each other in a light soil that is very well drained. In a 5 inch pot you can easily plant 6 corms of freesia flower. You have to put the top of the corm at 1 inch below the soil. Plant your freesias in late summer or early fall if you want to have winter flowers. Keep the bulbs in, in a sunny spot near a window by winter.

You can propagate your freesia flower in many ways: by seeds, offsets and bulbs. To grow perfectly, freesias need a sunny place with low temperatures in the night. When the leaves and flowers are developing don’t forget to keep the soil moisture and wet. After the flower’s fall you will see that their leaves will turn in a brown color than you can gradually dry of the plant and prepare the corms for the following year of plantation. It’s easy to take care of your freesias as long as you keep them in a sunny place with a perfect temperature.

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