If you have a dahlia garden you can be proud of it because dahlias are the most popular and amazing garden flowers. You can find the dahlia flower in many forms from the big sized flowers to little single ones.

Dahlia is from the mountainous regions of Mexico. There are 30 different species and a number of 20,000 cultivars of Dahlias.

Dahlia flower is part of the kingdom plantae, division Magnoliophyta, class Magnoliopsida, order Asterales, family Asteraceae and genus Dahlia.


Dahlia’s name is after the botanist Anders Dahl and is the official flower of the city of Seattle. Spanish botanists found the dahlia flower growing in a sandy region in Mexico. In the past the favorite types of dahlia flower were the Ball and Small Decorative Dahlias, but nowadays the most popular varieties of dahlia are the Large Decorative and Cactus.

Dahlia flowers are varying from dwarf sizes of twelve inches to giant sizes taller than a man, also their flower differ from an inch diameter to the largest dinner plate. Dahlias have a subterranean root system that helps them mature year after year without any help from seeds and spores.

The first species of dahlia flowers imported to Europe were Dahlia pinnata, Dahlia rosea and Dahlia coccinea.

When you want to grow your own dahlia garden you should know that dahlias prefer sunny places and also many feedings before the flowers star to appear. At taller plants you have to pinch the growing shoots after the plant has from 4 to 6 pair of leaves. You can also pinch the buds to get the best dahlia flowers.

Before you plant it you should dig the soil of one foot depth and mix it with some compost. The dahlia seeds should have a distance between them of ½ inch. Add water to the soil until is moistened enough. Permit your seeds to germinate before you take them outdoor. The perfect place for dahlias to germinate is a warm spot with temperatures between 70-80 degrees F.

When it comes for their caring you should know that dahlias become very big and they will need support for sure. Use the stake that was putted near them at plantation to tie loosely the dahlias. By tying them loosely you can be sure that this support won’t disturb their development. You should start tying them when they reach 1 foot size and continue doing that as they continue growing.

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