If you are looking for new flowers to plant in your garden daffodils could be one of your choice. They symbolize friendship and they are very popular because they have very beautiful flowers. The flower daffodil belongs to the Narcissus genus. The shape of the flower is that of a trumpet set is a background shaped like a star. The colors of the flower are very vibrant , the colors of the trumpet matches the color of the background.

The time of the narcissus flower’s bloom depends on the climate of the area. For instance, if you plant a daffodil in a moderate climate they will bloom in the spring time. You can find them in many colors and shapes because there are about 150 species of daffodils are a lot of hybrids. They are originally from the Mediterranean are: the Middle East, north of Africa and south east of Europe.

The good thing about daffodils is the fact that they can be planted both outdoors and indoors. You can plant them outside in your garden during worm seasons and indoors during the cold season. They come in all sizes, they go from 5 inches to 2 feet tall. They can be found in all sizes because there are a lot of hybrids constantly created in labs.

Daffodils are made out of bulbs which you need to plant in the ground. According to the size of the bulb you will need to plant them at a certain depth. For example, if the bulb is big you will need to plant it between 6 to 8 inches, if you have a small bulb you will need to plant it somewhere between 2 to 3 inches.

The soil where you plant you narcissus flower needs to be drained and a little acidic. They also need to be planted in an area where they have a lot of sun. Till they reach maturity they will need a lot of water in order to develop. Once they have reached maturity they will bloom. After the blooming is done you should not cut the flower, wait until they turn yellow.

Once the blooming season is done the daffodils need to be taken out of the ground and placed in an area where the air is dry. You can place them in an onion bag for example. Once you have done this leave them there until it is time to plant them in the soil again.

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