If you are looking for spring flowers the tulip is the one that you should take into consideration. The flower is very elegant and it blooms in March. Even though they are classified as perennials there comes a point when they have to be taken care of like annuals. After their green parts have dried out get them out of the soil and store them somewhere where the air is dry and cool and replant them when fall comes. Tulips like the sun very much and they need drained soil. If your soil is no drained enough just add some sand or compost. The flower Tulip comes from Turkey and its name comes from the Turkish word “tulbend” which in Turkish means turban. They got this name because their flower looks just like a turban.

Now we are going to give you some advice on how to grow tulips:

  • If you are thinking of planting other flowers around the area where you will plant your tulip bulbs it is best that you plant them before you plant the tulip bulbs. This way the bulbs will not suffer later from the trowel.
  • Whenever you plant bulbs in your garden you need to have sandy soil. This is also the case of tulips, they need the sandy soil in order to develop and grow bigger flowers from year to year. The ideal period to plant tulip bulbs is during October or November. There is also a rule for the depth, you have to plant the bulb at a depth three times in depth as the length of the bulb.
  • A good thing about this plant is the fact that you do not need to worry about diseases. The only disease this plant can develop is the one called tulip fire. The components of the flower change their form and brown patches appear of the leaves.
  • When it is time to take out the tulip bulbs form the ground make sure that you separate the new ones from the old ones. By doing this you will not overcrowd your tulips and they will grow nice and tall.
  • Tulips are very resistant, they can last for weeks in a vase after they have been cut. If you want your flowers to last longer just add some sugar in the water of the vase.

These are the wonderful flowers of March the Tulips which can be found in any store and replant every year.

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