The right ribbons for the right flower bouquets

People love flowers, especially women, although there are certain men that also like gardening flower beds and taking care of their gardens or back yards. Anyway, some people love growing flowers just for their homes, to enjoy their freshness and their beauty. However, there are others who grow flowers as a small business, making flower bouquets and baskets from their homes, which can be quite a profitable home based business in a large neighbourhood and a close community. To that extent, apart from the flowers, these little entrepreneurs also need certain accessories to create beautiful flower bouquets, such as ribbons and bows. Fortunately, those interested in finding a ribbons UK provider, can identify several alternatives online, as there are numerous wholesalers available on the Internet, offering high quality ribbons at great prices, especially if you buy in bulk.

Now, if you are interested in turning your passion for flowers into a profitable business, you need to know how to create beautiful and unique bouquets and arrangements, which means you need to know how to combine the right ribbons and bows with the right type of flowers. For instance, colour is one of the most important aspects you should take into account when designing a bouquet. The colour of the flowers should match the colour of the ribbon and the entire assemble should not be too bright or flashy. Try to stick to only two colours or a maximum of three for every bouquet. If the flowers are colourful themselves, then try to choose a ribbon that is the exact same nuance as one of the flowers or go with the green ribbon and bow, as green is the colour of all stems and goes good with all flowers. If the bouquet is formed of only one type of flowers, all of the same colour, say red roses for instance, then you should choose a ribbon and a bow that contrasts with that colour, to get an impactful effect, such as white. There are also many ribbons UK providers that offer multi-coloured ribbons or decorated ones, which may perfectly suit a bouquet or flower arrangement made from flowers of a single type and colour.

Knowing how to match ribbons and flowers can also be helpful if you want to make your own wedding bouquet, and eventually your bridesmaids’ bouquets as well. This can add to the significance of the event, and make it more special and memorable for you. It is an ideal task for a wedding budget checklist, because ready-made bouquets can be very expensive, whereas a budget checklist keeps you within limits and helps you achieve everything on time.

Furthermore, if you are creating flower bouquets or arrangements with a specific purpose, for instance happy birthday bouquets or congratulations on your new baby bouquet, then it would be a nice touch to tie them up with a ribbon that has a special message imprinted. If you search the online environment, you will be able to find ribbons in UK that comes with printed messages, such as “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations” or “ Happy Valentine’s Day!”. You can even have them custom made and print the name of the recipient on the ribbon. This way, you will certainly offer your clients a unique service and also attract the attention and pleasure of the persons receiving the bouquet, which may turn to you the next time they need a flower arrangement. 

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