The Morning Glory Flower

The morning glory flower is the name for more than 1,000 species of flowering plants members of the Convolvulaceae family. Most flowers bloom in the early morning and start to face a few hours after the petals curl. Thougout the day, they prefer solar exposure and mesic soils. Some species like the Ipomoea muricata bloom during the night.


Morning glory flowers are annual climbers with trumpet-shaped flowers in white, pink, purple and magenta. They have heart-shaped leaved and slender stems. Their beautiful shape and romantic tendrils give them an old-fashioned charm. In areas such as the Australian bushland, some morning glories grow in dense thickets and have thick roots. The morning glory flower has turned into a serious problem, as it smothers other plants. The flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds because of their flagrant colorful flowers. If ingested, their seeds are highly toxic.

Cultivation and uses

Most morning glory flowers are perennial plants in warm areas and annual plants in frost climates, although some species can tolerate winters. Some flowers are strictly annual and spread by producing many seeds, while others are perennial and are propagated by cutting. The morning glory flower grows fast and has tolerance for dry soils and attractive flowers, so people use them to keep buildings cooler by growing them on walls. Some of the popular varieties are Heavenly Blue, the cypress vine, the moonflower, the cardinal climber and Sunspots. Many species will self-seed in gardens. They are great for covering eyesores or enhancing fences, arches, trellises and pergolas. Knowing how to grow them will allow you to enjoy all the advantages.

How to grow them

If you want to grow the morning glory flower, start by purchasing packaged seeds or collecting your own seeds from a dried seedpod. There are several varieties you can choose from, with colors like purple, red, pink, white and some combinations. Soak the seeds for 24 hours in warm water before planting them. Make sure you plant them in areas where they have lots of sun. Avoid transplanting them, and if you start them in a pot, plant the entire pot along with the flower. If you want plenty of blooms, grow them in a soil that isn’t too rich. Choose moderately fertile and well-drained soil in an area that is sheltered from drying winds of cold. Sow the seeds early in the season, after the ground warms to 64 degrees F and cover them with 1/4-inch of soil. Make sure they seeds are spaced at about 6 inches apart. Water the morning glories thoroughly and avoid fertilizing too often to encourage blooms, not foliage.

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