Some of the flowers that has been widespread almost everywhere around the world are Peonies. These are specific to Asia and the South part of Europe and have almost 40 species of flowers from which they have evolved.

If you want to get a general image of how Peonies look like, think that they are between 0.5 and 1.5 meters tall and some of them even manage to grow up to 3 meters. Their leaves are lobed and the flowers they make have different colors, like red, yellow or even white. The most suitable period of time for Peonies is spring or the beginning of the summer, so do not wait for it to blossom in winter!

The history of the name of this flower attracts more and more curious botanists every day. It appears that Paeon was the source of inspiration for the name of Peonies. Paeon was a student of a Greek god and because the latter proved its meaningful feelings of envy towards its student, he was transformed in a flower. That flower resisted among time and received the name of Paeony.

It started in 1830, when Friedrich K.L. Rudolphi first thought of the name of “Paeoniaceae”, as a family of flowers. As time went by, different names were offered to this family and even though there have been obtained different species of flowers, the Paeonia feature still remained within their body.

Botanists have thought of a manner to classify these flowers, according to how they grow and their type. As far as growth is concerned, there have been found three types: Herbaceous, Tree and Itoh. The last one is an intermediary of the first and the second type. This type of classification has been made according to how these flowers react during winter. For example, the herbaceous die completely, while tree only remain leave-less. There are still woody parts that can be seen with your own eyes.

The Itho has taken the name of its inventor, a botanist that combined the other two types and obtained the third one. Its characteristics are intermediary as well to the other two flowers. Once you start studying the multitude of Peonies that exist all over the world, you can still notice that obvious elements that is characteristic to all of them.

Even if they have different colors and react differently during winter, they still have the same “body structure” that makes them impossible to be mistaken.
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