For Hindus and Buddhists this flower, Lotus, is a sacred one. For the Buddhists, the lotus is symbolically equal with Buddha.

The wealth, grace, richness, serenity, purity, majesty, knowledge, fertility and beauty are all symbolized by the lotus flowers.

You will find lotus flowers in white and pink and you will find them in murky and shallow waters. Being intolerant to cold weather they love the warm sunlight and that is why you will not see a blossomed lotus in the winter. The buoyancy is maintained by the air spaces that are contained in the long stems of the floating leaves and lotus flowers. Nevertheless, if you want to give your Lotus the best care throughout the year, look for some good led grow lights. You can purchase a single led bulb that you can mount on a lamp, or, depending on how many flowers you have, you can buy several led growing lights.

Most of the time the lotus flowers are cultivated in water gardens and they are native from southern Asia and Australia. The leaves are attached to long stems that are sent by the firm roots that are in the mud. In the afternoon the petals of the lotus flowers are falling after they were opened in the morning when they are showing their amazing beauty.

Facts about Lotus Flowers

* For the Buddhists, the Lotus is a sacred flower.

* In the Puranic and Vedic literature these flowers are quoted widely.

* For Buddhism, the lotus flowers are one of the eight favorable signs. The Lotus can mean spiritual illumination, cosmic harmony, and enlightenment.

* Because the lotus opens in the day and it closes by the night, in the Egyptian mythology, it is associated with the sun.

* The lotus leaves are floating on the top of the water and the roots are planted in the river bottom or soil of the pond.

* The edible parts of the lotus flowers are seeds, flowers, rhizomes and young leaves.

* Some parts of the lotus are used as a medicine in traditional Asian herbal medicine.

Growing a Lotus

* You will have to place the seeds in a glass that has warm water, but the water should not be chlorinated.

* Some of the seeds may float on the water and you should throw them. Every day you must change the water.

* If the Lotus roots appear then you must put them in pots that are filled with loam from the garden.

* If the Lotus leaves have started to grow you must keep them without soil and to cover the root. With gravel or soil gently cover the root.

* You will have to put the lotus seeds into warm water but no more than 2 inches deep.

* The Lotus needs a lot of light and it must be kept in water that has at least 60 degrees F.

* After that, you will have to move the lotuses into larger containers that don’t have drainage holes.

Lotus plant care

* In the first year fertilize your lotus sparingly.

* A lotus flower can be fed at 3 or 4 weeks during the growing season.

* Very important is that you have to protect the lotus from freezing.

* Cut the yellowed foliage in late fall.

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