Hyacinth Orchid

One of the rarest flowers today is called Hyacinth Orchid and can be found only in Australia. The flower is also known by the name of Dipodium Punctatum, this is the botanical name. It has recently been declared an endangered species because it is less and less seen in the wiled. The protection of this plant has started 12 years ago when it was included in the list of protected environmental items. It is a very beautiful and special flower because it blooms in the winter time.

Australians also call the Hyacinth Orchid the Christmas orchid because it develops somewhere nearĀ  October, November and blooms from December to January. The flowers grow at the top of the stem. The stem can grow up to 1 meter in height. The shape of the Hyacinth Orchid flower is that of a bell and it contains somewhere between 25 to 35 flowers. The colors in which you may find this flower are white with red spots or purple.

Because this plant is used to a very worm climate it would be best if you provide it the same conditions when you plant it in your home. The conditions for preserving the Hyacinth Orchid are: a covered space like a green house, a lot of water, not too much sunlight and a rich soil. Make sure that you do not over expose your flower to the sun because it will die.

Because the Hyacinth Orchid is a terrestrial species you will find it in the strangest places such as the woods or the forest. The places where they tend to grow are the Australian coasts. These are the places where the flower finds all the elements that it needs: enough water, a rich soil and moderated exposure to the sun.

Even though the it is very rare the demand for Hyacinth Orchid is very big because of its great smell and exotic look. A lot of business people demand this flower for decorations. They are used at different events such as parties or weddings. The Hyacinth Orchid is also sold to perfume makers because of its smell. As you can see this rare flower is in great demand like most rare things. The good thing about it is that the demand can be satisfied for now. If you are looking for an exotic flower for an event you should take into consideration the Hyacinth Orchid too.

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