How to Groom a Flower Garden

A flower garden is a great way of beautifying your yard. However, it does require some basic gardening skills. You first need to prepare your soil after which you need to choose your plants according to the characteristics of your garden area. Certain plants flourish from direct exposure to sunlight while others feel better in half shadow. However, even after you are done preparing the soil and planting your flowers, you still need to care for your garden. Today we are going to teach you how to groom a flower garden.

  • Gather your tools

In order to learn how to groom a flower garden, you need to own some basic gardening tools such as a few buckets, a hand trowel, pruning shears, scissors, a shovel, a rake and a wheelbarrow or a garden cart. These tools are not essential, but they will make your work easier and they will eliminate many discomforts. If you don’t have these tools, you should make a visit to a gardening shop as soon as possible. Don’t make any price compromises and invest in quality products which will last a lifetime. If your garden is very big and requires large, gasoline-powered equipment, it is best to rent these machines. Buying them will be a waste of money and storing them will take a lot of your yard space.

  • Develop a grooming routine

As a general rule, you should groom your flower garden once a week. The grooming shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, half an hour tops. You should also schedule some major cleanups a few times a year. Try to stick to your grooming routines, otherwise you will get lazy and your flowers will pay the price.

  • Grooming procedures

When learning how to groom a flower garden, you need to start with deadheading. This process refers to the removal of withered leaves and flower buds. This procedure is necessary for three reasons: it prevents the unplanned spreading of your flowers, it encourages a second blooming season for perennial flowers and it gives your garden a neat look. Once you are done with the deadheading, you can move on to the disbudding. This grooming procedure is recommended for gardeners who like big flowers. It involves removing the flower buds before they open. Leave but one or two flower buds on each plant. This way, the plant will direct all of its energy and nutrients towards the remaining buds, thus resulting in really big flowers. If you prefer to have small but abundant flowers, you should try snipping them. This procedure involves cutting a few top inches on each plant, once the plant grows a foot tall during the spring and once more in the middle of the summer. Each of the cut stems will grow several other stems, thus resulting in an abundance of small flowers.


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