Hibiscus is a flower that belongs to the Malvaceae family and has hundreds of species all over the world. This is annual or perennial and it can be found in two different shapes: small trees or shrubs. Depending on the geographic area we are referring to, Hibiscus can be also named as Rose Mallow, following the name of its family.

This flower is known to grow up in tropical areas and the temperature is known to be warm so that it has no problems in developing its leaves and structure. As far as the structure of Hibiscus is concerned, it has some interesting leaves of different shapes, like ovate or lanceolate and their flowers are can have at least five petals. Their color varies between white, purple, red or pink and this makes them amazing decorating elements for your house.

Hibiscus has flowers that seem to be like trumpets and some of the species can change their color as they grow older. It is the case of Hibiscus mutabilis and tiliaceus. Some data related to the fruit of this flower is that it is made by a capsule with five equal parts in which are placed seeds. As the flower becomes mature, the capsule opens up.

Due to their showy look, Hibiscus can catch the eyes of butterflies and bees of all type. Thus, they are used in order to attract them with their beautiful look. Another use of Hibiscus consists of tea, as a beverage!

Hibiscus tea can be drunk at a high temperature or at a low one as well. You will love its color and its unique flavor, that makes it one of the most appreciated tea types! Related to this drink, there are certain corners of the world where Hibiscus has a different name.

For example, in Africa people call it “bissap”, whereas in Egypt karkadé is its official name. in Sudan and Mexico they replace Hibiscus with gudhal and the Brazilian people prefer “gongura”. There are some names that have a connection to the other name of Hibiscus, mentioned in the beginning of the article, Rose Mallow.

Hibiscus is a delicious sort of food also. Its dried version is highly appreciated in Mexico and there are parts of the world where a piece of Hibiscus is considered a vegetable. It is interesting to discover the various uses of Hibiscus, from tea beverage to vegetable and delicacy!

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