Golden Wattle

Flowers always makes your life more beautiful and changes your mood in a positive mood, no matter the circumstances. Golden wattle is an inspired example. Also known as Acacia Pycnantha, it is a tree that is specific to Australia. It is even considered its symbol and its flowers can be seen in winter time by the people living in that geographic area.

This flower is described by fragrance, wealth, golden shades and beauty and the entire people of Australia admires this symbol. As far as the dimensions of Golden Wattle are concerned, it is said that is can grow up to eight meters, but not less than two.

There is no leaves to be seen in this tree, as we all are expecting to, but for some phyllodes. You can easily notice them, as their length is somewhere between 10 and 20 cm and their width can reach even 3.5 cm. These are green and can look either bright or dark.

If you want to know more about the color of Golden Wattle, you should start with nothing down that these are bright yellow and they look like little inflorescence’s. You will feel as having a bouquet in your hands, but as long as you enjoy seeing it in a pot, there is no need to compare it with a bunch of flowers.

George Bentham was the primary botanist that discovered Golden Wattle and offered it a name. It happened in 1842 and ever since, other botanists added their studies to this flower. It is interesting to mention the fact that this Australian flower can only be found in the South-Eastern side of this continent.

The climatic conditions that match with Golden Wattle are specific to the temperate areas, as they grow better in these temperatures. Regarding the title of “Australian symbol” that was offered to Golden Wattle, it is said that has been officially offered only in 1988. The formal name for Golden Wattle is “Floral Emblem of Australia” and there is no habitat of this continent that has not heard of this flower.

If you happen to go to Australia and want to take something to remind you of your trip, try to obtain a Golden Wattle! You can take it to your house, but there may appear several problems with the temperatures that encourage its growth. Another smart choice is to buy a toy that looks like a Golden Wattle!


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