One of the most gorgeous and colorful flowers in the world are the gingers. The gingers are native from the Malabar Coast of Kerala state and from the south west coast of India. The Zingiber officinale is an edible ginger and is only one of the approximately 1,300 species of the Zingiberaceae family.


Facts about gingers

* The origin of the Gingers isn’t exactly known because they are cultivated for a long time ago.

* The ginger plant is cultivated all over the exotic areas of the world. The gingers that are the most expensive and have the highest quality are from Australia.

* From Southeast Asia and China is the Chinese ginger that is a medicinal and a culinary herb too.

Medicinal and other uses of gingers

* From the ginger plant is extracted some aromatic oils that are used to make perfumes, medicines and condiments.

* For Headaches Colon and stomach spasms, Constipation, Colds and coughs, Morning sickness, flatulence, sinus congestion, nausea and gas is used the ginger plant.

* The ginger plant is also used for cardiovascular health and is very crucial in that battle.

* For the therapeutic properties is extracted from the ginger plant the principal compound named Gingerols.

Growing Gingers

* You will have to buy some ginger plant roots that have some blooms cropping out.

* The roots that you will buy have the look of some small outcrops that are fresh.

* The roots need a small amount of water or else they will rot.

* If you want to make your ginger plants to grow faster you will have to plant the root to a shallow depth in a little pot. After that put the pot on a sunny windowsill, but before that cover the pot with a plastic bag.

* You can remove the plastic bag after you are seeing the firs shoots.

* After removing the plastic bag you can move your ginger plant in the garden or just leave it in the pot.

* The gingers don’t need the direct sunlight and they need water regularly.

* If you are having well care of your ginger plants they will grow from two to four feet tall and its green leaves could be a foot long.

Ginger care

* Indirect light, bright or filtered sun is what most of ginger plants prefer.

* In the growing season you will have to keep the gingers moist but don’t keep the gingers stand in the water.

* The gingers prefer temperatures like 70 degrees and 80 degrees F because they are from tropical areas of the world.

* During the growing season the ginger plants must be fed once a month with a water soluble fertilizer that is balanced.

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