Cymbidiums Orchids

Over the last couple of years the Cymbidiums Orchids have started to reaper in people’s gardens and in stores. It is resistant to cold temperatures and has a beautiful flower. Unlike other species of orchids the Cymbidiums Orchids blooms even in the middle of the winter, a characteristic which is rare for an orchid. The interest today is focus more on the small cymbidiums they are the miniatures of the original. They are easier to take care of and they can be moved from place to place without any hassle.

A cymbidium orchid needs about 50% sun and 50% shade during their growing period. You can keep them outdoors during the summer just as long as you do not put them directly into the sun. What you can do is keep it in the sun in the morning and move it to shade the rest of the day. You can leave it outside just as long as it is worm outside. The leaves of the flower must be apple green near to dark green in color.

During the worm season the Cymbidiums Orchids must be watered as much as possible. The water must be as pure as possible, avoid tap water because it is full of salt. During the cold season you should reduce the amount of water dramatically, you should water the plant just enough to prevent it from drying out. When the plant is in its growing stage the soil must be well fertilized. Make sure that you add to the soil some orchid fertilizer.

The blooming stage is not the same as it is for other orchids. The blooming of the Cymbidiums Orchids starts exactly when the temperatures begins to fall and the you start to water it less. To be more exact the blooming period of the Cymbidiums Orchids is during the winter season. However, the miniatures Cymbidiums Orchids are not so dependent on the cold weather which means they can bloom in other periods too.

This is the Cymbidiums Orchids which has regained its popularity among flower lovers. For a very long time people have forgotten of this species of flower which blooms in the winter, a thing which is very rare when it comes to flowers. If you want to buy them you can find the in your local market or you can ask a gardener. You can buy the normal one or the miniature ones.

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