If you are looking for a very special flower crocus could be that one, it symbolizes attachment, gladness and happiness. This flower is perfect if you live in an apartment because it is a flower which you can grow in a pot too. The shape of the flower is round with sharp petals. You can find them are a lot of colors such as: white, red, bicolor or white with dots.

Since you will be planting them in a pot you will need to find the instructions by heart. The soil must be a combination between rotted leaves, fertilizing soil and sand. The flower has bulbs and they need to be planted at 8 centimeters in depth. You should plant the bulbs at the beginning of fall, it all depends on when they are supposed to bloom. Potting bulbs is a very delicate task, so you must perform each step with care, otherwise you may hurt them and impair the flower, reduce its chance of flowering or even destroy it completely. This is why you need to have some quality garden tools at your disposal, such as some small hand rakes and shovels. They will help you handle the bulbs with care and precision, and your Crocus will grow unencumbered. Quality garden tools can be found easily, online or in specialized stores, and they’re not so expensive as to not be worth the investment.

The reason why the crocus blooms in the spring time and it does not free is because of the layer of wax which covers the bulbs. There is a species of crocus which blooms in fall and it is called autumn crocus. The plant is very dangerous if eaten, it contains a chemical substance called colchicines which harms the body. If you boil the leaves they become even more dangerous so make sure that you stay away from this plant, admire it from a distance.

You know that you have been poisoned from the autumn crocus if you start to have abdominal pain, nausea, if you start vomiting, if you have diarrhea, you start losing you hard or have trouble breathing. If you have all these symptoms you should immediately see a doctor and follow the treatment exactly as given.  We do not say that you should not plant it in your house because it is a beautiful flower we only try to tell you to be careful.

Like all flowers the crocus is also predisposed to diseases or insects that can harm it or even kill it. They can suffer from the following diseases or they can be harmed from the following insects: rust, fungal leaf spot, coral spot, cushion scale, slime or whitely. To prevent this diseases or insect from harming you plant you should go to the store and buy the products which are there to help the plant stay healthy. It is worth it to have a crocus flower in your home because of its colorful flowers and for what it stands.

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