Calla Lily

The magnificence and beauty is signified by the calla lilies and that’s why they are very popular for wedding bouquets.

Having a unique flower form calla lily is one of the most wonderful flowers in the world.

Southern Africa is where the Calla lilies are native to. Grown from a bulb or rhizome calla lilies are really easy to grow.

Being best for borders, flower arrangements, beds and bouquets the calla lilies are some amazing houseplants.

Beauty and magnificence is signified by calla lilies but also depending on what color you will choose they can convey a wealth of meaning.


About Calla Lily flower and plant

The leaves of calla lilies are long petioled, basal and they are arising from rhizome. The spathe and spadix are making the inflorescence. The spadix is covered with little flowers and is surrounded by the spathe which is a flaring, large, trumpet-shaped bract.

The leaves of the calla lilies are like arrowheads and they are having silver or white speckles.

Some interesting facts about calla lilies

  • A perennial bulb is what a calla lily is.
  • Calla lilies aren’t really lilies, although they are very often called lilies.
  • The flowering genus, Calla, and has twenty-eight species which are having the origins in Africa and they are usually found in marshy areas.
  • Late spring is the time when calla lilies are blooming.
  • In Greek calla means beautiful.
  • The roots of calla lily are poisonous.


Growing calla lilies

  • The calla lilies should be plated deeply for their good size.
  • The space between the bulbs must be 12 inches and they will need to be planted at 4 inches deep.
  • When the danger of frost has gone you can move the bulbs outside, if you are starting the bulbs in late winter.
  • In the active growing season a fertilizer should be added every month.
  • After flowering most of the calla lilies need a rest time.
  • To encourage a new growth resume watering after a rest time, the rest time is for 2 to 3 months.


Calla lilies care

  • If on the bulbs have soil on them you will have to clean them.
  • After the winter time for a few days you will have to dry them in direct sun.
  • The calla lily should be stored in a place that has the temperature between 50 and 60 degrees F.
  • In spring plant the calla lily bulbs after the soil is warmed and the frost danger has passed.
  • Monthly you will have to fertilize them and water them frequently.


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