Birds of Paradise

Being one of the most colorful flowers in the world, Birds of Paradise flowers, are having their name because of their shape that looks like a bird’s beak and head plumage.

Being one of the most wonderful exotic flowers the Birds of Paradise flowers are also known as Crane flowers. South Africa is the native place of Birds of Paradise flowers. From September through May is when Birds of Paradise bloom.

Birds of Paradise flowers are a popular symbol of paradise and also a designer’s favorite because of its beautiful shape and amazing colors.

The reasons why Birds of Paradise flowers are ornamental are the leaves that are arranged in two ranks to form a fan-like crown of evergreen foliage, waxy, thick and glossy green.


The most unusual part of the Birds of Paradise plants if the flower, it can grow to 5 feet or more in height.

Depending on the age and size of the Birds of Paradise plant, the bracts can vary between 4-8 inches long. The bracts are very colored and they are formed into re, green or purplish canoe-like structures.

Three upright orange sepals and three highly modified vivid blue petals are making each Birds of Paradise flower. At the base of the flower is nectar that is formed from the third petal that is joined with two of the other petals in a structure that resembles an arrowhead.

Facts about Birds of Paradise

  • In the tropical bouquets the Birds of Paradise flowers are the mid-sized staples.
  • The symbol of tropical flowers is Birds of Paradise flower.
  • Birds of Paradise don’t last longer than a week.
  • The Birds of Paradise flowers are classified in the banana family Musaceae because of their leaves that are banana shaped and because of the other plant characteristics.


Some more popular species of Birds of Paradise

  • Strelitzia alba/syn. S. augusta – White Birds of Paradise
  • Strelitzia caudata/Swaziland Strelitzia – African desert banana
  • Strelitzia nicolai – White, or Giant Birds of Paradise; Wild banana
  • Strelitzia reginae/S. parvifolia – Strelitzia, Birds of Paradise, or Crane lily


Growing Birds of Paradise

  • In the spring and in the summer you should keep the soil around Birds of Paradise plant moist but you will have to let it dry out slightly between watering it in the fall and winter.
  • For this plant the temperature should be higher than 50 degrees.
  • In every spring you will have to repot the plant while it is younger and actively growing.


Birds of Paradise plant care

  • A good amount of sunlight is needed for the Bird of Paradise plant.
  • After you establish the place for the plant you can reduce the watering.
  • A general purpose fertilizer is recommended for feeding before new growth stars in spring.
  • Another recommendation for Birds of Paradise is floral preservative and you can find it in commerce.

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