Having a long life in a vase of about six weeks the anthuriums are some really popular tropical flowers. Their vase life is depending on the variety and the season and can be even longer than six weeks.

Anthurium plant is native to tropical America. Being found in the New World tropics from Mexico to Uruguay and northern Argentina the anthurium is a genus that has more than 800 species. Flamingo Flower (Flamingo Lily), Painted Tongue or Tail flower is how the anthurium flower is also known. The brightly colored anthurium flower spathes and the ornamental leaves that it has is why the anthurium plant is cultivated.


Facts about Anthuriums

* The name Anthurium means tail flower in Greek.

* The stem of the anthurium plant can grow to a height of 15-20 inches. The height is depending on the size of the spathe, if the spathe is bigger, then the stem will be longer.

* The leaves of the anthurium flower are beautifully colored, large, and simple and they are borne on the long stems.

* The leaves of the anthurium flower can be yellow, pink, white, red, green or orange.

* The most popular foliage plants are the anthurium plants.

* The reason why the anthuriums are grown is the flowering bracts that are attractive and are known for the cut flower trade.

* Anthuriums have 3 types of spathes: standard, obake and tulip.

* Being poisonous the anthurium plant can cause mild stomach disorders if is ingested.

* Having a long shelf life the anthurium inflorescences became really popular.

* The largest inflorescence in the world has Titan arum which is an unusual plant from the family Araceae.


Growing Anthuriums

If you want to grow Anthuriums you should know that are 4 methods of growing them. You can grow anthurium plants by seeds, vegetative reproduction, fertilization and tissue culture.

* You can cultivate anthuriums on different type of soils from sandy loams to heavy clays.

* The soil that you choose for your plant should have a good water retention capability and good drainage.

* The anthurium plants shouldn’t be planted deeper than 5 cm.

* After planting it you will have to water it immediately.

* Another need that anthurium plants have is mulching.


Anthurium plants care

* If some dead and unsightly foliage or brown or faded flowers appear you will have to remove them.

* The light should be high but not a direct sunlight.

* The soil must dry slightly between watering processes.

* If you will over water the anthurium roots may be damaged.

* Every month you will have to fertilize the anthurium plant.

* In the winter you will have to let the anthurium plant to rest for 6 weeks at a temperature of 15 degrees C.


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