To represent the meanings – splendid beauty or pride it is used Amaryllis belladonna which is a very colorful and flashy flower.

The Belladonna Lily, knows as the Amaryllis belladonna lily, is contained by Amaryllis which is a monotypic genus of flowering plants. In South and Central America and the Caribbean are the native places of amaryllis flower.


The ornamentals plants that are in the Amaryllidaceae family are usually confused with lilies. The placement of the ovary is how you can distinguish the species from the amaryllidaceae family from members of the liliaceae family, lilies.

The reason of cultivating the amaryllis is that it has some beautiful and colorful flowers. The stems of the amaryllis flower are erect, 1-3 cm diameter, 5-60 cm tall and hollow. Having dark red markings or any other colors that are appearing on the stalks then the amaryllis flowers are some really amazing flowers. 20-22 inches stems are usually produced by common size bulbs and also it will appear some huge amaryllis flowers that can have up to 6 inches.


Facts about Amaryllis

  • A perennial flowering plant is what amaryllis is.
  • Having flat leaves and some flowers, that looks like lily flowers. The amaryllis flowers are borne on different, leafless stalks.
  • You will find amaryllises all over the world but you will find them in the flatlands of the subtropics and tropics especially.
  • Known as Hippeastrum are the amaryllis hybrids.


Growing Amaryllis

  • The most recommended soil is a well-drained one for cultivating amaryllis.
  • If you want to cultivate them you will need a 6-12 inches space that is above the ground.
  • In late September or early October is the recommended time to plant the amaryllis bulbs.
  • You should let the tops less covered with soil after planting the bulbs about a foot apart.
  • To control the weeds and to conserve the moisture the soil must be mulched.
  • A good mixture is one that contains the same amount of peat and perlite.
  • Most of the times the amaryllis bulbs will bloom in 7-10 weeks.
  • If you want to cultivate it outdoor you will have to wait for the freezing danger to pass.


Amaryllis Plant Care

  • The amaryllis plant should be placed on a sunny window.
  • The amaryllis plant must be watered regularly.
  • Regularly you should fertilize the plant with a balanced houseplant fertilizer.
  • If you fertilize the amaryllis bulbs that doesn’t have leaves the bulbs can die and that isn’t good.


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