A beautiful flower known as lily of the Incas is actually called Alstromeria and can be found in the wild in Andes. The reason why they are sometimes called lilies is because they flowers of the Alstromeria look so much alike.

The differences between the two are:

1. they come from different families: the Alstromeria comes from the tseparateeee family while the lily comes from the liliaceae family
2. another difference is the size of the plants, the Alstrimeria is smaller in size than the lily
3. the leaves of the Alstromeria are resuspinated

The perennial flower comes in a wide number of colors and this is because cultivators have mixed them together in time. The colors that you will find the most are: white, pink, red, orange and some hues coming from other colors such as gold and apricot.

This type of flower is very popular among florists mainly because they blossom beautifully and they can last for weeks in a vase. They last such a long time after being cut because their blossom is hard. Many florists choose these perennial flowers for bouquets instead of other flowers, even lilies, because they have the two qualities that they are looking for: they are very beautiful, come in a wide range of colors and they resist for long periods of time.

The name of the perennial flower comes from a botanist who lived in the 18th century, , Klas von Alstroemer. When he was young he was the pupil of Linnaeus. The name of the flower comes from his name because he was the one who brought the seeds from South America for the first time. Today the flowers are produced in a laboratory for the wide consumption. They are produced in vitro because this is the only way they can prevent any viruses from developing and also because this way they can create more colors.

The symbols of the Alstromeria flower are that of friendship and devotion. It is said that when someone gives this flower away it symbolizes the bond the two have. It is also said that the flower is a symbol for wealth, prosperity and fortune. As you can see it is not a simple flower like the others, it is beautiful, special and it stands for the main things we want in our lives: prosperity, friendship, wealth and prosperity. If you get the chance buy some seeds and put them in your garden.

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