The Anemone Flower

The anemone flower is native to temperate zones and depending on the type it blooms in summer, spring or throughout fall. It is one of the most popular garden plants and a valuable addition to any flower-garden. Find out more about how to grow anemones here.

The Dianthus Flower

The Dianthus flower is a genus of the family Caryophyllaceae that has approximately 300 species of flowering plants native to Asia and Europe. The 300 species of dianthus flowers come in numerous colors, including purple, red, pink and red. Besides being beautiful, these plants are easy to grow.

The right ribbons for the right flower bouquets

People love flowers, especially women, although there are certain men that also like gardening flower beds and taking care of their gardens or back yards. Anyway, some people love growing flowers just for their homes, to enjoy their freshness and …

Tips for a Perfect English Garden

An English garden requires certain types of flowers and specific decorations. Of you want to have such a garden, you need to try to achieve a seemingly wild and natural look. Choose a wide variety of field flowers and use only natural or vintage decorations.

How to Groom a Flower Garden

If you want to beautify your yard with a flower garden you need to develop a few gardening skills. Once you are done with the planting, you need to learn how to groom a flower garden. The grooming procedures will keep your flowers healthy and your garden neat.

The Morning Glory Flower

The morning glory flower is the name for more than 1,000 species of flowering plants members of the Convolvulaceae family. Morning glories are popular because of their tolerance for dry soils and attractive flowers. Most flowers bloom in the early morning and start to face a few hours after the petals curl.


For a very long time the rose flower was the most popular flower in the world because its variety of color, size and fragrance. The rose is part of the kingdom plantae, division Magnoliophyta, class Magnoliopsida, order Rosales, family Rosaceae, …


Agave is a plant, included in the class of monocots and the biologists call it a perennial plant. This type of species only flower in a particular moment and afterwards, they die. Another name that has been given to these flowers is century plants, according to their specific characteristics.


Paeonia or peony, are original from Asia and Southern Europe and it is said that there are over 25 species and less than 40. These flowers are part of the Paeoniaceaes and they represent the only genus of this family. Paeonia, or paeony as well, can also be found in Western North America.


Hibiscus or Rose Mallow are some flowers included in the Malvaceae family, with numerous species that have their origins in tropical areas from the globe with a middle-warm climate. These can be annual or perennial plants and they can appear on the market either as little trees or as shrubs.


Azaleas have their origins in the class of Rhododendrons, the Tsutsuji and the Pentanthera and are known for blooming during the months of March, April and May. This applies to the Northern hemisphere, whereas the other one is likely to support their flowering during winter.

Golden Wattle

Golden Wattle, which is the nick name of Acacia Pycnantha, has a special story for Australia. This three symbolizes the small continent and the period of time when it is full of flowers is between January and march. The flowers are golden and shinny and express wealth, beauty and mystery for all the tourists that visit Australia.


If you are looking for a very special flower crocus could be that one, it symbolizes attachment, gladness and happiness. This flower is perfect if you live in an apartment because it is a flower which you can grow in …


For Hindus and Buddhists this flower, Lotus, is a sacred one. For the Buddhists, the lotus is symbolically equal with Buddha. The wealth, grace, richness, serenity, purity, majesty, knowledge, fertility and beauty are all symbolized by the lotus flowers. You …


Having a long life in a vase of about six weeks the anthuriums are some really popular tropical flowers. Their vase life is depending on the variety and the season and can be even longer than six weeks. Anthurium plant …

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